This is the history.

        The Last Ohio Militia was founded in 2009 by Walt Simms and Richard Dame. Tired of seeing the downward spiral of the United States, worried about economic collapse, and man-made or natural disasters, these two men came together to prepare for the worst and to hope for the best. They formed the Last Ohio Militia to educate and train, not just themselves, but to reach out to friends, families, and neighbors so that no one will have to be caught unaware and unprepared for any eventuality. They also wanted a place where men are free to be men. In an emasculated America, they wanted a place where men can wear knives and guns. A place where men can speak their mind. A place where men can still be what men were meant to be.
They started planning but could not settle on a name that grabbed the attention of the people and showed their connection to the past as well as their desire to be prepared. They began to use the name “The First Ohio Battalion” and it looked as if this name was going to be the one they used. Circumstance and chance would change this. On October 1st of 2011, Walt had a “Right of Passage” ceremony for his son Seth’s 12 birthday. It was a men only event and after wood carving,  fire starting, bow shooting, and other events the ceremony concluded with a cotton ball being wrapped around an arrow shaft and lit on fire. He (Seth) grabbed the flaming ball of fire as a boy, putting it out as a man. It was after this, as all the men in attendance were eating, that Walt posed the questions: “What if this is as good as it will ever get?” and “What if we are the last men to care about what we are doing?” It was then, after much agreement from the others that Walt turned to Richard and said “Instead of the First Ohio we should be called the Last Ohio, the Last Ohio Militia.” Richard firmly agreed and confirmed to Walt the Last Ohio Militia was now their name.

In the weeks that followed they decided on their logo and motto. The logo would be the outline of the state of Ohio with a variation of the American flag over it. They changed the colors of the stripes to black and grey to represent the turning away from the Constitution. The blue field to represent the hope that they had that they could make a difference. The single white star to represent the dream of a single state making a difference. They chose the motto of “Molon Labe”, meaning “Come and take them” which is in reference to their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. After much consideration they chose to make the Last Ohio Militia a private men’s only club with an LLC license. The decision was made not to be solely a militant group but they want the organization to be involved in politics and family needs as well. Today the Last Ohio Militia, also known as The Last Militia or The Club is a preparedness organization network that looks to the future of everyone associated with them, from members, to family, to friends, to neighbors.